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ISS – Targeted Online Marketing

ISS – Targeted Online Marketing

ISS – An Affiliate Marketer’s Dream

[ISS - Instant Sales System Marketing for: ISSManager.Com, Affiliate Programs, Landing Pages, and other Websites]

The Instant Sales System (ISS) is an affiliate marketer’s dream. Our straight-forward, operational examples of the amazing aspects of the ISS online campaign builder is revealed throughout this site.

Lead Capture via Landing Pages. Among the features and benefits of the ISS digital marketing system is the ability to not only create an unlimited number of landing pages on your own ISS site, but also the ability to turn virtually any page on the internet into a lead capture page. The potential to spread your marketing presence is virtually unlimited.

Integrated Social Networking. In addition to promoting yourself on social networks, imagine being able to send video messages to your wall, to your contacts’ inboxes, or even to the home pages or blogs of your friends and associates. Send completely customizable post cards directly from your ISS manager. Target friends, professional associates, etc.

Auto-Responders, Postcards, and Custom Databases. With ISS you can build detailed lists of your contacts, stored in keyword-specific databases, and can set up numerous, specialized auto-responder campaigns, specifically targeted to your hyper-accurate customer profiles and interests.

Analytics and A/B Split Campaign Research. Using superior analytics, you can quickly determine the effectiveness of lead generation from multiple places on the net, as compared to the conversion and traffic rates generated by your auto-responders. A/B split campaign research is critical in the online world. You may determine that specific wording, colorization, offers, etc., are effective, while others are not.

With ISS you are provided with the tools necessary to know exactly what is happening at all times regarding your digital online marketing campaigns. The result? You win the marketing battle because you are informed and strategic in your processes.

ISS Digital Marketing: State-of-the-Art Resources.

The Instant Sales System is a digital marketing solution that provides more resources than virtually any other system available on the internet today, from vast list-building databases, to lead generation tools, to innumerable auto-responder campaigns. Any one of the many components of ISS is worth a small fortune. Yet the entire system can be obtained and used for less than $50.00 per month ($29.97). This is less than AWeber, Constant Contact, and most other lead management systems, and it is far more flexible and powerful than any of them, with many more marketing resources than any of its competitors.

Watch the implementation of ISS digital marketing program on all of our targeted websites. When you understand the power of what we’re doing, and can see the incredible value of the system, get ISS yourself, and engage in the most powerful, targeted, online marketing today.

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