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Henchman of Souls: A Multimedia Adventure

Henchman of Souls: A Multimedia Adventure

Henchman of Souls: Join the Adventure

[ISS - Instant Sales System Marketing for: Henchmanofsouls.com, FanFiction.Net & Other Social Media Sites]

A Collaborative and Competitive Authoring Announcement

Michael Behning is announcing on Ad2Local.Com the following: In addition to publishing an abridged version of his novel, “Henchman of Souls, Book 1: Shades of Life” on Henchmanofsouls.com, he will, during the next five years, release manuscript segments of all of remaining novels in the series to exclusive members of the Henchman of Souls blog. Registration on Henchmanofsouls.com is required.

In conjunction with these releases he will introduce various competitions, including the following:

  1. The Fan-Based authoring of a novel based upon the life of “Se-Elua, the Prophet of the Seas,” whose character and background are introduced in “Book 1: Shades of Life.” The winning novel will be published as an equal member of the entire series, when the series as a whole is released. The winning author will receive generous royalties for his/her work.
  2. The Fan-Based authoring of screenplays for each of the novels. The winning author(s) will have their works submitted as potential screenplays to producers of upcoming film productions.
  3. The Fan-Based authoring of multimedia gaming environments, systems, and programs based upon the Henchman of Souls universe. All games will be supported and promoted as Creative Commons works. However, winning games will be promoted and marketed as official gaming systems. Winning authors will receive generous royalties for any revenue generated by their works.
  4. The Fan-Based production of video portrayals of Henchman of Souls stories, scenes, and concepts. Productions employing competition screenplays will naturally have a stronger following. Collaboration is encouraged. Productions will be promoted as Creative Commons works. However, the actors in the winning videos will be provided with the opportunity to audition for upcoming film productions based upon the characters they portrayed. Winning fan-based video productions will be included in merchandising processes, and will be provided generous royalties.
  5. The Fan-Based authoring of musical scores based upon the creative interpretation of musicians and/or singers. The winners of these competitions will be determined, in part, by their attractiveness to, inclusion in, and/or recommendations by competing novelists, gaming authors, screenwriters, and video producers.

Competition Timing and Venues

Competitive entries and works will not be accepted nor authorized until official rules are posted for each competition on Henchmanofsouls.com. All written entries must be published on FanFiction.Net. The venue for video, gaming, and musical works are also to be centered on FanFiction.Net. However, competition rules may include publishing on various video, music, and gaming websites to help determine popularity, and thereby winning entries.

Michael Behning embraces the dynamic nature of fan-based sites, and is eager to include fans of his works, as well as collaborative artists, in the multimedia adventure ahead.

ISS Digital Marketing and Henchman of Souls

The entire marketing process of the Henchman of Souls competitions, as well as the primary communications processes associated with this endeavor, will be developed around the ISS digital marketing system. All competitors are encouraged (though not required) to utilize ISS to further market and expand awareness of their own works.

Observers of this process, and users of ISS are encouraged to study the implementation and strategies of these marketing technologies, especially as they are employed by creative minds.

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